Information Technologies

President Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan (main contractor Delta Telecom)

The project on establishment of Full High Definition video conference infrastructure for 100 subscribers was realized in 2014 for optimization of coordination of central and regional executive bodies. Within the said project, one of Aztech group of companies was chosen as subcontractor for video conference equipment supply nearly at the amount of 1,000.000.00 USD. Moreover, the preliminary budget of the project was decreased by our participation and work quality was highly appreciated by the main contractor of the project.

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan

In 2014, Aztech started close cooperation with the Ministry within the concept of 1 pupil – 1 computer. We provided free of charge one classroom with tablet-transformers on the base of Windows 8 operation system and the teacher with notebook-transformer of the school#220. Then, as a result of negotiations for supply of schools of the republic with computers, we signed in December 2014 the contract nearly at the amount of 4 million USD for supply of 500 secondary schools in the republic with 6000 units All-in-One PCs.  Aztech offered the best model at the best price in the market.

The State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan

From 2003 up to now, Aztech has supplied more than 2000 computers and notebooks, hundreds of printers and servers to the Committee within various governmental programs and projects. During summer of 2015, nearly 400 units All-in-One PCs were supplied within the project of registration of agricultural sector of the country.

International Bank of Azerbaijan

Aztech has supplied more than 2000 computers and notebooks, hundreds of printers and servers to the biggest bank of the Caucasus from 2002 till now. Alongside with suitable offer, we always provide fast and flexible service for the bank. New building of the bank was also supplied with All-in-One PCs by us in 2015.

Accessbank (Personal Computers)

During 2014-2015 years, we delivered nearly 500 units All-in-One PCs to the bank under the project of modernization of current infrastructure and opening of new branches. Our offer was chosen as the most suitable due to its price in each bid, at the same time bank highly appreciated wide variety of models at stock and quick delivery.

Azer Turk Bank

By being selected as the most suitable supplier of personal computers, the bank was supplied with nearly 200 units of All-in-One PCs and notebooks in 2015.


Within the cooperation with “SKS” company, system integrator in Uzbekistan, video conference infrastructure, allowing optimization of discussion and decision-making process among all structures of the organization, was supplied.

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

As a result of successful cooperation with our local partner - Atehsys, Kyrgyzstan, another important customer was supplied with video conference infrastructure in 2013.

General Prosecutor of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

In 2012, Atehsis, our partner company provided 10 regional branches were with video conference equipment as the winner of the bid within UNDP.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan (video conference)

Aztech took part as subcontractor in the project of establishment video conference infrastructure for 40 regional offices of the Ministry. Multipoint system with High Definition quality was created and all necessary equipment was installed in all regions. The total value of the contract was nearly 1,000.000.00 USD.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Server and Storage Infrastructure).

In 2010, we won an open bid within The World Bank project for supply of server structure. The Ministry was supplied with the modern blade servers, high-end class Data Storage Center and Oracle Database. SAP and EMC Documentum programs were deployed on the base of the said infrastructure. The total value of the contract was more than half million dollars.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan (personal computers)

3000 computers and notebooks, 100 beginner level servers, more than 1000 peripheral devices nearly at the amount of 3,500.000.00 USD were supplied to the Ministry within The World Bank open bids in 2005, 2006 and 2011 years.

Accessbank (Storage and Backup System)

We supplied to the bank in 2009 the latest backup system, like EMC Avamar. By estimating all advantages of offered solution, Accessbank was the first customer of such a deduplication system.

The Ministry of Communication and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Data Processing Centre)

Aztech provided the whole infrastructure for issuance and personalization of plastic cards for “Digital Signature” project in 2009. 

State Service for Registration of Real Estate of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Different structures of the said organization were supplied within 2007-2009 years with hundreds of computers, graphic stations and notebooks, servers and peripheral devices.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Siemens).

In 2007, Siemens Enterprise company signed the contract with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan on deployment of call and command centre. Within such complicated project, Aztech was subcontractor of “Siemens Enterprise” for the execution of all works related with IT infrastructure. The main contractor highly appreciated the quality of realized work.

Azerbaijan Republic, Bakcell

During 2006-2007 years, several storage systems, by EMC were supplied to Bakcell, the pioneer of mobile communication in Azerbaijan. Operator could build its excellent storage system on the base of supplied equipment.

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan

By participating in the bid within European Organization TACIS program in 2005, we signed the contract and realized the supply of wide variety computer equipment approximately at the amount of 350,000.00 USD for the Department of Execution of Judicial Decision.

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Bibiheybat Polygon)

Various computer and peripheral devices were supplied at the amount of 200,000.00 USD within “Cooperative Best Effort” - NATO military training program.

Azerbaijan Republic, Modern Education Complex, named after Heydar Aliyev

We are proud that we could supply the first big private education complex with modern information technologies equipment. The contract with customer was signed in the August of 2001, only 3-4 weeks prior of the start of new educational season before the opening of the Complex. Among suppliers, only Aztech took the responsibility to supply hundreds of computer, projector and printers in a short time. Total value of the contract was 300,000.00 USD. We delivered all goods in time and the said complex is today again considered to be one of the popular educational complexes.

The State Property Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan

By being the winner in the first big project of the World Bank open bid in 2000 named “Technical Support to Institutional Support”, we signed the contract at the amount of 526,000.00 USD. Our quotation was selected due to good price, quality and full compliance to bidding procedures among 15 bidders. Hundreds of computers, printers, copiers and servers were delivered successfully within the project. We got the highest mark from this examination and started to step with confidence toward big projects.



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