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Lifesize Room 220

Lifesize Room 220 gives you the highest level of quality available today—Full HD, standardsbased 1080p30 for the highest resolution on the market and 720p60 for the best motion handling with lower latency. Ideal for large meetings and conference rooms, Lifesize Room 220 comes standard with an embedded eight-way continuous-presence multipoint bridge showing four visible sites, complete with transcoding and all-digital I/O.
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Texniki göstəricilər: COMMUNICATIONS H.323, SIP, 128 Kbps–8.0 Mbps (point-point) 128 Kbps–2.0 Mbps (multipoint, per call) 1 x RJ-45 Network LAN (10/100 Mbps) 1 x RJ-45 for Lifesize Phone (PoE supported) 1 x RJ-45 for Lifesize Networker (PoE supported) 1 x RJ-11 for analog telephone line 1 x 3.5 mm Mic In for Lifesize Digital MicPod EMBEDDED HD MULTIPOINT CONTROL UNIT Full HD CP MCU with up to four visible participants Up to 8-way 720p60/720p30/6-way 1080p30 CP or VAS mode Transcoding support Virtual multiway allows participant viewing control (patent pending) H.239 multipoint support shared from any participant Disable multipoint option

Embedded Continuous- Presence (CP) HD Multipoint Host a multipoint call with
the embedded 6-way or 8-way bridge